Jim Sawgrass is a native Floridian of Muscogee Creek (Mvskoke) descent and living historian of the southeastern tribes of Florida, Georgia, and Alabama. Sawgrass has been sharing his  knowledge of the Southeastern Native American tribes for over 25 years. He served on the Florida Indian Council from 1991-1995. Sawgrass has been sharing his knowledge of the Southeastern Native American tribes for over 30 years. 

As a child, he was always interested in history, building forts, and exploring the woods and nearby swamps. The outdoors was always, and continues to be a big part of his life. He became more involved with his Native American heritage by attending Pow Wows, Native festivals, and historical reenactments. He learned more about Native culture and history from many elders, outdoors-men, and reanactors he was surrounded by. He is also an Eagle Scout and applies his scouting skills to this day. 

In 1988, Sawgrass began presenting programs professionally on Native American history and started the "Deep Forest Historical Native American Programs". Since then, he has performed at places like schools, Pow Wows, state and national parks, Walt Disney World, Universal Studios, Sea World, New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festivals and many other places around the U.S. He also been featured on many television networks such as History Channel, Travel Channel and Discovery Channel.


Historical Films and TV appearances 

-All for Liberty (winner of seven international awards 2009) 

-How the West was Lost
  series, (1993 Discovery Channel), Seminole the Unconquered.
Documentary-  This Land These Men. (2000)
-Okefenokee Joe's
  Gathering At Beargrass Camp (1995)
-Memories of Daytona
-Conqueror Series- 
AndrewJackson (History Channel)
-Sea Quest
-The Southeastern
Indians(GA DNR 1999)
-Old Kings Road
-Fort Christmas
-The Great Indian
Wars:  1840- (1991)
-Ft. Frederica
NationalPark Interpretive Film (winner of seven international awards

Andappeared in books suchas:
We Dance Because We
Can-  People of the Pow Wow (1996 Don Contrero & Diane Morris
Children's Book
"Creek"  (2002 Barbara Kanatiiosh)