In 1988, Sawgrass began presenting educational programs on Native American history and started the "Deep ForestHistorical Native American Programs"  Since then, he has performed at places like schools/ universities, Pow Wows, state and national parks, Walt Disney World, Sea World, Universal Studios, New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival and
many other events and festivals across the country. 


Southeastern Encampments

Take a step back into time and learn about the Southeastern Native tribes and their Culture. Learn about the Tools, weaponry, housing, and the type of clothing that was worn by Native Americans in the Southeast, also learn about the evolution of living from pre contact of settlers to the trading era of tribes and European settlers.

Woodsman Program 

This education program will let you dive right into native living before European contact. This covers advanced survival skills from fire making, flint napping, and survival staffs, and it also covers Native American traditional cooking, farming techniques, and traditional southeastern cuisines.



Pow Wow Dancing

This program you will let you view a spectacular show done by Native American Dancers who perform Native Dances from all over the country. This program also dives into the explanations for each dance performed and history of each dance. Sit back and relax as you enjoy a world renowned Pow Wow with Native singers and dancers.